I’ll help grow your cannabis business by integrating your online marketing efforts and delivering amazing results!

Great branding, beautiful design, spectacular photography and an incredible website are just a few of the lead increasing services we provide at KindTyme & Fawkes FX.

Entrepreneur | Marketer

Currently, I own and operate two professional marketing agencies. Fawkes FX services all industries in all things digital. KindTyme is marijuana specific with a heavy focus on brand development & viral advertising. Both provide web services, branding, photography, and much more. I’m also part owner of the largest online retailer of festive leggings in the Pacific Northwest, Rave Leggings!

Developer | Designer | Animator

Dabbling in computer networking , I’ve built and maintain multiple linux based servers dedicated to development, staging, production, email, files, PBX, & DNS. I’m fluent in command line, HTML, CSS, Javascript, & PHP. Adobe Photoshop has been a close friend for a number of years, and i’m proficient in Edge, Animate CC, & Flash animation.

Musician | Photographer

I’m a student of the guitar, drums, vocals, & piano. I perform regularly with Portland Oregon based band Wearing Orange when i’m not busy practicing digital photography.

Cannabis Marketing Professional Ryan Locke Suit and Tie