Meet Ryan Michael : )

Ryan Michael is one of the world’s premiere visual artists, directors and photographers with many years of experience managing creative, visual production & luxury branding projects at the highest level.


His successful photography and videography career has led him into professional partnerships with some of the world’s most influential brands, agencies, artists, publications and companies.

Ryan is always eager to get out of his comfort zone & enthusiastically embraces out-of-the- box projects. Each one is met with his creative eye, attention to detail & 10+ years of experience.


He strives to produce work that truly amazes the client. Ryan is always up for a challenge, and his fun-loving personality makes for a contagious energy on set that keeps his customers coming back for more. 

Co-founder & CEO | KINDTYME Agency

Media Director | Feed the Vegans

Exec Producer | Wearing Orange

Creative Director | KT STOCK

Co-founder | Fawkes FX

Founder | Lyan Rocke Photography

Writer | KINDTYME & Fawkes FX